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BG 182 - A43 towards Geddington

  MK3 Clio DCI 86
Spotted just now!

Waved to me, only noticed at the last moment so just managed to wave back :S If you are on here what have you done to your car ? Same as mine but yours looked so much better :dapprove: Didn't get chance to look it over :eek:


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Sunflower
did i see you last week heading towards stanion from corby ? I was in my sunflower phase 1
  BG 182 FF
That was me mate at about 5:15, I've got sport lines, scopian rs192, 3 quarter plate, carbon diamond. Yours looks good too, how are u getting on with it? You goin CSS?
  MK3 Clio DCI 86

Yeah i'm getting on great with it, a few cosmetic things to sort out and it should be perfect. Good to see you :)

Not going to CSS as I have a disabled girlfriend who needs looking after :eek:
  MK3 Clio DCI 86
Yeah it was me! lol. Bugger, just made a thread about it, i'll get it deleted.

I hate that roundabout in the mornings don't you ? :(
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  BG 182 FF
Good to see you out and about in the BG, spotted u straight away. Is my first year at CSS should be good, shame you can't make it we could of had a BG convoy there.