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Big Breakfast Meet Malton - Video

first bit is a bit boring with everyone coming in but it gets a bit better, there is V6 at 3.30, will be someone on here no doubt

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ClioSport Club Member
  Rangie Sport, Westie
The first year they ran it was all just special cars. The next time there were a few randoms.

Now it's 95% scrotes and 5% ok people.
  ph2 172
Yeah, I first went about 3 year ago and it's was quality, now it seems to be spoil by a certain breed of chav.
Some nice cars there still but that corsa and focus needed burning with the drivers inside IMO.


ClioSport Club Member
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My mk2 golf at .43 seconds.

Was my first time this year as every other year I've ended up working, there was a lot of nice cars there but also some crap cars, wasn't a fan of the bass boys in there corsa b and ford focus either
  DC2 TypeR / E36 328i
Not as many special cars but still a quality morning out IMO.

Absolute b****cks from the posts above. Yeah you get a few scrotes but you do at any meet. I've been going for years and there's always a few scrotes there.

It's a free event in a public place, what do you expect.

Still plenty of quality motors as you can see from all the pics and a top morning out.

Haven't seen an Aventador or an XJ220 there before, they were both there on Sunday...