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BIG light problem help needed asap

  CLIO PH1 172
Hi people I hope someone can help this is wierd,

So I was at the Southend meet and as I left my speedo lights all went out also so did the heter control lights, my n/s side light and my n/s rear light ????

Iv tested the bulbs and they are fine I tested the power supply and there is no power goin to the frond side light or the rear tail light ( iv not looked at the speedo and heating control lights yet)

I'm so confused as to why this has hapened all the warning lights on the dash work it's just the speedo and rev counter that doesn't and nor does the heater control lights work, again same with the side lights it's only them that have gone the min been ect ll work ????? Could it be a fuse ? Is the speedo all linked ?
  a low one
sounds a bit like a fuse to me, my mates saxo did pretty much the same thing as this and it was just the case of a fuse.

have a look at the fuse to rule it out
  CLIO PH1 172
Interior fuse box , I have now sorted the Problem it was due to a loose connection behind the fuse box it's self cheers guys