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Big thanks to Olly, James and tony

Didnt see Olly? Ian was in his williams for a bit!
There was a un-marked police car that we went past at about 90! Thats why i backed off. Didnt seem all that interested tho.
Was a good weekend.
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wondering why you backed off tony...
Lucky he wasnt interested.

Rob, definately mate... i liked your style of driving
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I missed all the action, hung around for a couple of minutes to say my goodbyes but then got stuck behind a trailer on the way out to the M11!

You are all lucky I had to shoot of early! I had some fun with an alfa instead would not pull in too let me past! Cheers for the good weekend lads, probably see you all soon Marcus (Rust Bucket Black one!)

Not me unfortunately! But I did have a good tussle with a couple of 172s on the A14 on my way back!

Thanks to all that came along for the weekend...I had a great time and lets hope its even bigger next year.

Now - to upload those pics I took of the Ripspeed girls....!