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Bike Project

Alex H

ClioSport Club Member
I used to have one of these bikes as a mid-teenager that I basically used as a field bike. Got bored (of no power) eventually and sold it. One was up on eBay the other day, so I stuck a very low bid in and won it. Got it delivered on a pallet and here it is!

Haven't done a lot to Keith (Garelli Katia, Keith) yet, except pull the engine out, head off, cylinder off and it's all looking reasonable down there.

Unfortunately there's loads of bits missing (including an identity), so I may strip this down for parts and look at picking another one up that could do with some donor bits. Or might just modify it as a field/pit bike. Or might try to fight with Doovla and get an identity. Not sure.

I doubt this thread will go into many people's subscribe lists, but i'll keep it updated anyway ;)
  Ph1 Clio V6, Ph2 172
I remember tuning the hell out of one of those engines a few years back for pennies. Would love a frame like that to do the same to. Had such a laugh doing it too. Heavily ported and polished, bigger valves, uprated cam, re barreled to 150cc, lightened and shot peened con rod, mocal oil cooler, lightened stater plate/flywheel etc etc. Went like the clappers and sounded brilliant! Hope this ends up similar.