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Bilbery or I4D Bright Wheels


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Im getting fed up of buying a bottle of Wheel cleaner every other week so looking at getting some in Bulk.

What do people think on the above 2 brands?
Ive heard some great stuff about bilbery, Its definatly going to be my next purchase.

I think bilbery is dilutable, Not sure if the bright wheels is?

No first hand experience with either though sorry.


lol^ usefull

bright wheels is a great product. the large tub (5L) has last me nearly a year now. Not the strongest product out there, but if you keep your alloys clean, thats not a problem.
  106 GTi
How come you are getting through so much wheel cleaner ?

Clean them up once, polish and seal them and you will only need to use soap and water after that :)
  106 GTi
What pads ?

DS2500's here and they still need nothing more than soap and water.


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Carbon Lorraines

My wheels are quite Poorus as they could do with a refurb. I Also get a build up of what looks like Rust on the rears (Sort of an orange / Rust colour powder)