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Billabong Seats Help Required

  Chocolate Bar™

after getting nowhere with renault UK i have now been informed by my local citizens advice centre to use the small claims court.

as such i could do with a list of names and addresses of people who have encountered a problem with their billabong interiors and specifically water stains.

this will only be used to show that i am not alone in having the problem, and wont be used to register you up to any crap.

any help appreciated mark

Mate id love to help ya there, but id be lying as so far ive not had any problems with my billabong interior. Hope it all get sorted for ya as soon as.
  Mk2 Golf GTI

What problems have you had? Ive got a couple of chocolate stains and a bit of tikka kebab! but i havent even attempted to clean them yet
  Chocolate Bar™

basically if i get any water on the seat then itll stain really badly. ive had a professional valet done, which hasnt made the seats any better. in fact its made them worse in places.

i took it up with renault UK who were completely useless, and having spoken to the local citizens advice i have decided to go through the small claims court. i doubt ill get anywhere but you have to try (y)

yeah i have that. not with billabong interior but standard dark grey dynamique interior. quite a few water stains on the passenger seat that seem impossible to remove!! not that fussed about it but it is annoying@@

I had the same mate!

its that billabong interior i swear! i cleaned it with water on a damp cloth and it made it sooo much worse! think my mate seymour whose also on here had the same problem to!
  Chocolate Bar™

having spoke to renault they claimed as i bought it second hand the liability lies with the dealership. trading standards said a similar thing, so im proceeding against the dealership... altho the only thing ill get out of it is a longer drive when i need to get some warranty work done lol

Ill put my name on that list.

The seats are a bloody nightmare. I dont have a Billabong , nor did i ever have one. I had a 2002 Extreme with those bloody greeny/blue seats (cyclone blue i think it was called)