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BK 121 Alloy Wheels

Hi all

Went down to Tyresave in Deeside, Chester yesterday to have these wheels fitted to my 172 mk II. I have to say that they look wicked.

Will defo get some pics on the gallery shortly!



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

How much did they cost Scott? And get the photo up quick!

They were £675 inc VAT + Fitting

That was for:-

4 x BK 121 alloy wheels + 4 x Yoko A539 tyres

Best price I could get!

Pictures will be sent to you early nxt week.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

I think they only do 17s dont they? Thats a hell of a good price.

Hi Mike

Yeah there 17s mate.

Gave every place one chance to quote their best price. Tyresave origanally came in at £729 but managed to screw them down to £675.

Asked them if they could have put Goodyear Eagle F1s on for the same price but told me I must be joking!!!



Nice try with the eagles, Ive just paid £400 for eagles GSD3 from tyresave in St Helens. Do you reckon Bk 238s would be the same price??? as one of mates is after some of these.

My cousin gave me a set for !!FREE!! when he got his cup only prob is ones got an inch long crack on the inner wall! dont know how much the sell one for do you??

Also i wnna put them on a valver.. Ive noticed the hubs are different sizes is there some sort of adaptor??

And im lowering it 35m in the bext couple of weeks will they fit??

Thanks Siggsy

Sorry lads my mistake there not the same wheels! There the ones on the 172 exclusive anyone know what there called??