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Black 182 - accrington breakers

  clio 1.2 16v dyna
Parked outside reception, reg plate ended in RUG. It looked awesome! Mine was the poor little 1.2 on the opposite side if the road.
  clio 182 black /gold
Yes. It has been sold to someone over that way. I saw it at Clayton a few days ago.
Thats the old 182 with nics plate on it. Getting a megane diesel to save some cash but until we get it Nic has swapped the 182 with a lad she works with for his 1.9dci point swapping the plates to this then on to ours when we get it so don't bother flashing it as he won't know whats going on lol!

I'll have to remember that too! :)


That will be Chris 'n Nic's off here. It's a shame Nic hadn't got the white Cup then instead. Now that, looks awesome... :cool:


Fail ;)