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Black 182 - Sunderland

  172 cup
Pretty sure I recognise the plate from here, undertaking me in the pissing rain on the a19 wear bridge.

Really in that much of a rush? Wasn't really impressed by you speeding past me and the other cars overtaking, clios aren't that great or that quick- you ought to take more care.
  172 cup
I know who it was as well Bonxy/Scott, didn't appreciate getting undertaken when I've got the missus in the car with me considering the conditions. It's the same car which was posted up a while ago and the user was on here :).

Theres a reason why your not meant to undertake, I hope you never have to experience it to learn it but I would urge you to take more care.
  172 cup
He is, just waiting for him to crop up- not that bothered tbh just interested to see if he will try to justify driving like a nob.
  BG 182
Had the plate about 3 year now m444 dgm defo weren't me my car hasn't moved for the past week and I'm very rarely in Sunderland