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BLiNg BlinG

Urmmm.. i dunno came across em on ebay! pretty cheap for chrome too! Like 500 quid for a set!
Il find out the MAKE a sec.. Watch this space.

Pay sh*t money get sh*t products! They will no doubt be dead within a couple of months as their cheap crap with the laquer/chrome flaking off.
  LY 200

As said by mk3col really not worth payin next to nout for chromies as they wont be chromies after a bit of usage!!!
  Golf V6 4Motion

ryan - joker! they are mad wheels mate but what MK3COL is saying is true! I bought a set this size and in chrome plate for about 1275 - and even then I had to return one because the laquer was a bit dodgy on the back of one of the spokes - guaranteed that those rims especially on our crappy salty roads will soon be wrecked. not wrong with having chrome rim though mate still!
  Trophy #473

If your gonna get chromes they need alot of TLC, only had mine a year and need to get them rechromed, salt is a killer. Even tho i did look after them... but obviously not enough