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  Lionel Richie

My dad borrowed my car this morning to go down to the shops. He got back acting perfectly normal, i went outside to clean my car, and what do i find???? Hes only gone and curbed my passenger front alloy quite badly!!!!!! I went mad!!!!! Thats the last time he goes near my car!!!
  Lionel Richie

I guessed that!!!!! He just said hes going to pay to get it fixed (i think ill charge him a bit extra!!!)
  Lionel Richie

He has ripped the rim protecter off about 1/4 of the tyre!!!! I might try and blag two new Toyo T1-S proxes out of him!!!!

Superb, might let my dad take my 16v for a spin when I go home next could do with getting my rims refurbed, forgot to ask you actually where did you get your rims refurbed?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

dont get em refurbed, your dad should pay to return them to original rim and tyre