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Blown spark plug nightmare!!

  Cupped 182 FF
Basically i was driving and suddenly one of my spark plugs blew out its thread! As you can imagine the noise was horrific and resulted in the engine having to be skimmed, new thread cut and all was very expensive.

Driving the car now is not the same, at 2 and 5 RPM it judders, almost like its misfiring? The power seems to be lost at high revs but 3-5RPM range actually seems faster? I know when an engine has been skimmed it can change the compression ratios inside, so the ECU might be having problems. Will a remap help this? anyone has any similar problem?



ClioSport Club Member
  57 Renault Dauphine
i blew a thread out of mine yeasterday, im a pikey barstool so fixed it with the head in situe, saves skimming it all. within 15 min the car was running again
  Cupped 182 FF
Yeah checked the leads, all seems fine.... really not sure what to try. I dont want to spend the money on a remap that doesnt solve the problem. Might take it back to the garage and see if they can have a look, but im not paying anything.