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blueflame exhaust

  clio 172 sport
hi ppl just wondered if any ov u guys have a blueflame system fitted?
any ov u guys got pics im after some ideas for my 172.
whats the quality and prices like?
any advice would b really appreciated.cheers benm172
  clio 172 sport
nice exhaust mate you get any power gains?what price you pay for your system mate?
does it have a nice tone to it? those wheels look the mutts nuts mate:cool:


didn't notice any real gains tbh, but it sounds great and it wont fall off after a couple of years!

they're pretty loud when you floor it so not so subtle.

think i paid about £250 fitted. they sell them direct on ebay.
  Jap Shed
I am really tempted but not keen on the protruding pipes - but yours looks great ant!!
any more pics of it mate?