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Bogging - cutting out


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182/MK4 GT 120
Hi all have a little niggle with my car.

Bought car running with low boost, took that from this car and fitted to mine. I made some light changes so I'm not sure if this is effecting it , changes are Mégane head gasket, ported inlets. Bigger intake.

This issue is when idling it's dropped down around 500rpm and sometimes does stall it's self, doesn't always do it. If I keep putting the revs up eventually it will pick them up and hold at the correct rpm for idle. Following on from this issue , when driving I'm having issues from around 2.9k to 3.2k I where it splutters and once past this range it clears and it's spot on its very strange to say the least, left me scratching my head. I've attached some reading of the enigine I'm getting from clip... If it helps at all...

Thank you for reading hope someone can help here.