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Bonnets Not Findng Catch

  Corsa C 1.4 SRi
As the title says, It's higher up on the left hand side, making my headlight look funny... you can push it and it just springs back up. To clip it in i need to push it to the right and the down on it before it clicks in. Can anyone tell me if its the hinge or catch that may be causing this and if it's something that i can repair myself or would it be better giving it to a body shop?

I'll try and get a picture up


I'll try and get one of the side tommorow
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  Punto/Clio GTT
sounds like the catch needs undoing and pushing to the left slightly then retightening. as for the headlight out to the bonnet ide say the bonnet needs dropping a little and retightening on N/S

you should have rubber bungs on each corner (2) when its all done, turn these in and out til its a nice shut