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Bosses Car!

Someone was going to sell your dad to get a lambo? Now thats dedication!

My dad who is also the overall boss has brought his vanquish in today, its unfortuantely very dirty though.

mmmm.....i think we went and had a look at that one around christmas. Nice colour but theres a lot of Numptys importing left hookers in the country and cant get rid of em. People who want them, would rather spend 150G+ on a right hooker, and just buy it direct for Lambo London.


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Ummm, my bosses car is a astra convertable and hes not even a women or hairdresser!

Have you heard the Zonda in action? WoW. There Nutz.

Weve had a sports exhaust put on the Lambo, and thats also Orgasmic!

Who do you work for Dust? Did the left hooker you saw belong to a guy called Rehan? Sold him a 360 Modena about 18 months ago!

Havent heard it, supposed to be great though. The bugatti has always been a favourite of mine. The vanquish has the best engine note though i have to say! Wont be keeping it for long though, my dad has the Vanny as a company car, so tax is plain stupid and its becoming hard to justify. I think the M3 has re-enlightened him that supercars dont handle well enough either.

My bosses have between them

TVR Tuscan

TVR Chimera



Ferrari 360

Audi RS4

Lots of big Mercs

Lots of group N rally cars one of them apparentley has his own team.

Just the fact that his Vanquish was company. My friends dad works for Ford and has a DB7 Vantage company car amongst others.

Thats what my dad had before the Vanny, which i actually preffered. He just likes astons, we used to have a big old V8 Convertible, ex prince of wales, very nice but handled like a house.

Quote: Originally posted by clean16v on 19 March 2003

Carlouk, do you deal with motorhouse shipley? in Bradford?
Im not actually in the trade, it was a personal import I sold privately. I know a few specialist car dealers though.

Nice mucielago... have you seen the barchetta one though...errr... its a bit special.

Get your boss to get some barchetta wheels, they are the best looking alloys I have ever seen.

On the subject of Zondas has anyone seen the spider version, it looks even better minus its roof.

Nah, hes choppin the Murci in and buyin a Barchi. Not forgettin all the ICE and bits hes going to transfer over. But hes one of the first on the list to have one.

Thing is, when you get a really expensive, nice car and mod it your always labeled something, Everyone in Windsor seems to think my boss is the local Drug Dealer?? :eek:
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How longs he had the car?

Im sure I saw this beast driving through Windsor one Saturday afternoon a few months ago.

Those barchettas look f*cking awesome... 40mm lower than the standard mucielago aswell arent they?

Whatever, they are class. Make sure you put some piccies up when he gets it.

Quote: Originally posted by DanG on 19 March 2003

Those barchettas look f*cking awesome... 40mm lower than the standard mucielago aswell arent they?

Whatever, they are class. Make sure you put some piccies up when he gets it.

Yeah it looks good but I think its a shame they had to spoil the engine bay by bolting bracing tubes over the top of the engine. I know you need them for rigidity in a convertible but this couldve been avoided if they knew they were going to make a rag top from the start. Take the 360 spider for example, just as stiff as the coupe but still a beautifully unobstructed view of the engine.

They also havent designed a roof for the barchetta yet, will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Yeah... know what you mean about the engine bay bracing. still you wonr get to see that when your cruising around in it.

I maintain that the barchetta wheels on it are the best Ive seen, dont know what theyd look like on another car though. Id deffo like to see them on something else.

Wonder if they do them in 15 inch....hmmmm...;)

I agree, Stunning. Hopefully those wheel manafactures will catch the Lambo drift, and start producing wheels to fit our cars like these! Those will be the days! BTW has anyone noticed the craze in America with "Spinning Disks"? A wheel with a disk in the centre which spinns when the car is stationary??


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I would have to say the car is lurvley .. but the wheels are hideous.. you cant buy good taste..

Im not a fan of the spinning disc things, though I did see a jeep cherokee with some on the other day...

No doubt they look quality on someone like snoop doggs car... on mine they would look gash... end of.