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Brake caliper Question Willy I Help!

  Clio 197

The nuts that have to be held in order to get the 13mm bolts out of the back...

What size is it? My Snap-On open ends are too fat to fit in there and I cant figure out what size skinny wrench I have to buy of make...


  Clio 197


Thanks for having a look it is the nut that you have to hold when cranking out the 13mm bolts.

Need a skinny open end to do the job.

Trouble is I cant judge whether to grind down a fat 16mm or 17mm or whatever. And dopey me hasnt a thing hanging around to measure the damn thing. As soon as the bird gets home Im heading out to find a skinny spanner set!
  Clio 197

The answer is 17mm. I bought a set of Facom open ended spanners or clés as the Frogs call them and the 17mm was just slim enough to do the job.


lol m8.. I would have had the grinder out ..

glad ya got sorted.. gonna be doing some suspension mods soon on the 172, so might be having fun meself lol.