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Brake Discs

  Titanium 182

iv now had different pairs of discs deliverd by 2 different companys but they seem like they are too small for my car

my standard ones are bigger than the performance ones is this right

my standard ones are vented . one new set is and 1 isnt does this matter?

please halp im goin crazy here
  BMW M135i
Sounds like their sending you the 1.2 8v discs which are 235mm (iirc), all the 16v non rs clios use 259mm front discs and the should be vented.
  Titanium 182
its stupid tho how i tell them the exact make and model and i said jus before i ordered them "will they definatly fit" and they said yes.

could you possibly direct me to a company that will get it right

i have got a 1.2 16V with ABS 2005

Halford sell the right ones as said most companies don't get it right. Its one thing Renault are good at getting the right front brake part.

239mm your will be you need the 259mm ones.

If you want uprated one (No idea why stock are more than adequate after all there Williams front brakes).

The bfront brakes are the same as the Mk2 phase 1 1.6 16V the Williams and the 1.8 16V Mk1.
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  RARE Unmolested Corsa sxi
so will the 259mm ones work in place of the 239mm ones, or wont the caliper fit?
MrMark said:
so will the 259mm ones work in place of the 239mm ones, or wont the caliper fit?
You can make them fit you need the caliper bracket by whay go to a smaller brake disk?


just for information, not all the 1.2 8v's use 239mm, mine is on 259mm vented discs (2002).