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Brake Pads

Alright everyone, my front pads are about worn, so what would everyone recommend as the best ones to get? i was thinking about the green stuff pads but are they any good??

Any help would be great

Cheers Phil

i dont....

For the RT, you really really wont need anything better than OE, but you can get the ferodos from halfords, which are actually very good, but give off absolutly huge amounts of dust. Or mintec 1144 is your wanting to go towards the performance side.

If you really want o go for it, you can upgrade to a clio 16V brake setup.

Me and some other people have i think.

all you need are teh calipers froma 16V which bolt stright on, but the pedal goes a bit squidgy, so i changed the master cylinder too......much better, vented ratehr than teh solid discs.


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  E90 LCI 330d

Well, Ive had GreenStuff padfs and I wouldnt have them again...

As Brun already said, the Mintex M1144s and Ferrodo DS2000s are both excellent pads, as are Pagid fast road pads.

I ran M1144s for about 18 months on my 106 GTi and some Pagids for about 6 months (car was then sold) and they were superb for both road and track use.

Would definately reccomend either of those three...