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Brake pedal switch

  Cup Packed BG 182
Evening CS,

My abs, serv and esp light are coming on, i understand this is usually a brake pedal switch, is the the brake light switch or can any tell me the part no. or link me?

Cheers Ollie
  Clio 172mk2
take it off, pull plunger out as far as it will , itll click few times, press pedal down , re insert it let pedal up stead and u`ll hear it click.


ClioSport Club Member
If you need a new one pm me, i have a spare working one you can have for a tenner posted :)
  Cup Packed BG 182
okay i have adjusted it and it is still there, also its constantly on, when i bought the car it only came on sometimes, its now all the time, is there anyway i can check the steering sensor as i herd this could be the issue.

cheers mike i might have to take you up on that, i will let you know