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brake question

  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
if you put performance brakes (discs & pads) on your car, should you do both the front and rear, to make them match ? as if you had really good brakes on the front and crummy brakes on the back wouldn't the car not be as stable when braking ? :S :S
The front brakes do virtually all the work, so I would'nt have thought it would matter if you left the rears standard.
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
mmm, ok ta - rear discs havne't been changed yet done 70k on them, so didn't know if its worth spengin the money on good rear brakes or any old rear discs


ClioSport Club Member
Just fit whatever you can find to the back brakes - the way the 172 Cup is setup means the rears do hardly anything.

I've covered 71k and had new rear discs two weeks ago and that was because one of the rear bearings had gone.

I'm still on the original rear pads though, and they are only half worn...that should give you an idea of how little they do.