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Brand New Black 1.2 16V

Hi , ive just bought myself this motor!

I want to kit it up, But no go OTT!

Basically what i want to do is, get a spoiler, skirting, tints(prob), ICE, A16-17 Alloys

I just want to no oppions on what kinda things i should do...I.e What spoiler to use and where 2 look 4 it and that.

Inside i also wanted 2 put white dials in and change the gear knob and that. Can that all be done in this car. Any help would be appreciated


Yes Yes Yes....Thats exactly the type of spoiler im after...That your motor? its gorgeous!

What spoiler is it and where shall i go and sh*t? Really appreciate that! Also what size alloys are they ?16?

Thats not mine, its a 172 with a V6 style kit. It has 17s but isnt lowered so they look a bit small. That is the Renault double spoiler i was on about, so you can get it from your dealership, costs a bit though...

17s and a 60mm drop is easy on your car.

How much would the spoiler cost then?

Im lost with all these 172 and sh*t...

All i no is i got a black 1.2 16V That i want to do up !


  Audi TT Stronic

What ever you do, dont stick a sport badge under the Renualt logo, I was driving about Edinburgh last weekend and I came accross a Renault Clio with aftermarket alloys, a sport badge that was stuck in the wrong place and to make things even worse it had a sunroof !!

I would have thought, nice motor, but it was sooo plainly obvious it wasnt a 172 I had to laugh, I dont think the guy driving was happy though at me laughing. What I dont understand is why the need to badge it up ? why not just make it look nice ?

Oh and if they guy whos car this is reads this message, the sport badge doesnt line up under the R of Renault it is alinged to the right side under the renault badge)

Well it might cost you upto 300 to be bought painted fitted etc.

A popular choice are OZ Superleggeras (lightweight 12 spoke). Try looking in the Gallery at the Other Clios section for a bit of inspiration. I personally dont like any of the kits out for our cars so id get the wheels on and some k-tecracing coilovers.

Cheere Rob...Appreciate that! Im definetly going to get that spoiler on so once i have ill get up some pics! I want to get a descent back box and alloys ! but ill sort my self out on that, but im going to get that spoiler so watch this space...

Would my arches rub if i had 16"

Lovely...My mate has a 106 and put 15s on and they rub so bad...What about if had a full car tho!

Ohhh mate, youve got my balls tight because im so excited!

Calm down!

Honest to god you could put 17s on and youd be perfectly safe with lowering it 40mm so putting 16s on is ok!

| Haha |

Cheers Rob...Im all calm! Ill sort my car out!

and for boy racer....the standard clio comes with a braking light so i pressume it goes over the top!

If i wanted 2 get some silver mesh grill some where...But not OTT or 2 expensive..where could i get it...

Like on the back of the red Sport clio above...could i have it on the front?

Hell yes....What is the site 4 that i cant quite read it ...

is it

That is lovely...But my car is black..Will it suit it nicely ya think?

Dont worry mate, ive found it on the site...Ill have to get that now also!

You work 4 renault or something..>You keep making me buy things

Is your car exactly the same...Mines an 03 Plate!

What is it then? every one is going about 172, Mk 2, Mk1...

Im confused, Mine was a 1.2 16v expresion...what the f**k do i call it?? lol

Well many people dont.

Mine is a bit older than have clear side repeaters as standard..dont know the other difference. Most of us would just consider yours as a 1.2 16v.

There is the Mk1 clio which is the old shape, that had 3 phases, the hot models being the RSI, 16V (valver) and the Williams 1, 2 and 3.

The mk2 is the same cars as ours but pre-facelift. There was a 172 model (172bhp)

The Mk2 facelift is what you have. There is the 172 and the 172 Cup (a stripped out version of the 172 only available in blue).

Hope this helps

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The expression has a slightlu different interior seats than the dynamique etc. also no trip computer or radio display in the dash i think.

On the expression do you have the red or clear high level brake light?? If you have the clear you will need the red type to fit the double spoiler from renault and also the square washer. Add an extra £35. The double spoiler is £135 from renault. It needs to be proffessionally fitted as it is really difficult to fit.

jus checking-the double spoiler-is it the 172 one or the spoiler in the pic of the red 172 in this forum, if the 1st, wot is the name of the spoiler in this forum on the red clio?

Cheers all for the help

And no i never new about the names because its my first motor and ive just got it ! Gimme a chance mate yeh...