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broken fog lamp bracket

  Clio 1.2, vw polo g40
i own a 2004 mk2 ph2 clio 1.2 and i had an unfortunate incident with a fox.

after the collision i inspected the front bumper to find the fog lamp hanging down inside the bumper and then after removing the fog lamp found that the bracket locating the fog lamp had been broken in several places. after searching on ebay and other internet based suppliers i found that i couldn't find a new one anywhere. so from here i went directly to renault where they told me i would have to buy a pair, but i only wanted the nearside unit. they also decided to annoy me by telling me that the pair would cost nearly £40. before i part with the money i thought i would start a thread on CS to see if anyone could help me!

the clio that i own is one of the facelift models, renault explained this is why they cost so much. there is an image showing the broken fog lamp bracket and the part number is 8200 271 916.

if anyone could supply me one or send me in the right direction that would be great, by the way it's the nearside bracket that i need.

thanks again



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  BMW 320ci
I swear thats exactly the same bracket I bought a few months back for a fiver each from renault :|.

Try your local scrap yard or ring cliospares or cit-ren.