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I know the ex owner of it, mapped at RS Tuning I think. Had some hail damage too IIRC.
Good car when he had it - solid and well looked after wanted for nothing.
  200NA FF + Cup & Rec
Yep, that's my old car.
I sold it to my cousin, he sold it to his brother (my other cousin). Then he sold it for scrap a month back maybe.

He got a decent amount cos of those seats.

You can tel they were a factory option as you only got basic door cards with that interior and not the half alcantara.

I know it was due a cam belt but my cousin said it had other issues too.

Want me to find out more?
Basically me or my cousins owned it for the last 7 years.
  200NA FF + Cup & Rec
This is the response I just got from my cousin.


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