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Bucket seat - Subrame question

  Stanced Honda S2000

hi all,

i have got an offer of 2 recaro seats, black leather, slightly worn but overall good condition, they are out of a pug 206, a mate of mine.

he wants 50 quid for the 2 which is odviously a bargain but... what about subrames and all that ? ?

would i need to buy them or can they be welded etc, i havnt a clue what im on about but they seem good value to me.

to fit in a 52 plate 1.2 16v clio dynamique sport.

HELP !!!!!!!!! RICH

you can make them fit just depends how good you are with ya metal work.

our kangoo van has ren19 16v leathers in it and our berlingo has corrolla gti seats in it. just had to make em fit

You can usually buy the mounts from Demon tweeks so that aftermarket seats can just bolt on to the standard car runners very easily.