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Burhill golf club....Blue 1.2 (22/10/06)

Why own up what's wong with it ;)

Hay buddy!........was that you then???

nothing wrong with it mate looked very clean!

i play there every Sunday with my mate that lives just down the road.

twas a wash out last week only got to the 13th and then came in for some soup and cheesey chips mmmmmm while watching the footy.

you play there often?? great club house!
  RB 182
Hey mate, yup thats me;) . I would love to play there but you'd probably find i've served you a couple of times (i work upstairs usually). Bit of carrot and coriander soup on that sunday i believe;) dam good chips as well. Do you drive a yellow seat by any chance (or black can't remember) think i may have seen it around. Your not a member yourself then? I usually work most sundays just hate working captains and orangery so you probably won't see me around too much there. You never know might be able to sort out some cheapo drinks etc :rasp: Anyway just fitted my alipne sub n stuff so gna test it out me thinks. C u around probably (im working this sunday btw:evil: ). Rob
lol Cool mate!! i should be down there mate T off 9.30 after my sausage and egg on white and then hit the 19th around 2ish

Im not a member as i live in London.....i play with my 2 friends that live out there and have full membership

yeah mate had some VERY nice Carrot and coriander with a side order of blue cheese on chips mmmmmmm

was a busy day as the weather was crap so everyone was in the bar

I have a Gun metal grey Leon Cupra R which i parked about 10 cars from you....there are some nice cars in that car park....that green Aston DB7 is so loud!! puts me of my shots coming down the 5th crossing the road lol

how will i know its you at the bar???? will you were a red rose.......? lol
  RB 182
Haha blonde hair blue eyes 5'10 :evil: probably in a red waistcoat. Ye bar was busy as fook we got bumraped. Seen the DB7 a few times and a couple of DB9's n saw n enzo once :) . Ever heard of Queenwood golfclub now THAT is where youl see nice cars. I used to work their caddying get the mega rich there won't name any names ;) but the car park is a gold mine, 130,000 grand to join so gimme what 2-3 years :rasp:. Anyways might see u around. Rob
yeah mate i was there 10.30am to 2ish.....saw a tall guy behind the bar in the morning when i was having my sausage and egg sandwich. but he wasnt blond???

is the captains bar the one with all the names on the wall??? and the leather smoking chairs???

thats the one i take breakfast lol

parked behind your car mate
  RB 182
tall n skinny? thats my best mate he was in the honours bar me thinks. Ye the captains is the smaller one nearest the main reception. My car needs a clean!:approve:
car needs a clean.....i could have had my lunch off it mate!!! was spanking clean

yeah the guy was skinny and tall.

na wasnt in the captains bar, i must have been the honour bar

whats the bar called with the plasma tv in where u can have lunch?

my mate says that the roast lunch upstairs is amazing and well priced....?