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burning smell

after giving the valver a bit of stick and i mean just by putting my foot down and up through the gears on say a dual carrigeway i can smell a very strong burning smell coming from the engine bay and through the this normal or anyone know what it might be?
  MK2 PH2 & E46 330
my car smells faintly like bacon for some reason after iv been ripping about.
have i possibly run over a pig and its slowly being cooked in my exhaust system?
engine burning smell, when i parked up next to a friend they commented on the smell exact phrase (theres some serious engine smelling going on with your car)
  Was a 197
lawson706 said:
engine burning smell, when i parked up next to a friend they commented on the smell exact phrase (theres some serious engine smelling going on with your car)

Can i have a smell (nah only joking)

do u get blue smoke from zorst if u rev ur engine on stand still ?????
  M4 LCI, X1, ZX10R
I had an altenator go which caused a burning like smell, see if it's coming from the altenator?
look at the ps pump pulley, if you see this then thats not good

  MK1 Clio 16v
I'd better check mine again, i remember the last time i looked at that it was daaamn close to the belt, what a rubbish design!

My valver sometimes smells a bit, but only when i tap the accelerator as i'm coming down through the revs to make it 'pop', then i get an oily burning smell. If i just go for a rag it doesn't really smell too much though. No blue smoke from my car.. just had headgasket done.
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
Mine does this, usually its oil leaking from the breather pipe (under the top metal cover, next to the distributor) i put one of them hose clips on it, and it stopped. its the oil dripping down onto the manifold and burning off, stick your fingers under their and see if they get covered in oil. Else it could be the clutch, i am on my second clutch now - clio cup 172, just done 69k
  clio 2litre/gt 5 turbo
i get this smell only in the mornings wen i pull off wen the engines cold, ill never put my foot down on a cold engine anyway but first started up and driven and only lasts 15seconds, its like a light oily burning smell then goes?????????????????
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Been getting that on my 172 lately when I'm taking to the red in through the gears. Thought it smelt like the clutch, quite distinctive. Is okay at slower speeds?
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
:clown: cos the oil gets flung around the engine and tries to escape thru the breather pipe, stick your fingers their and see.:evil: i could see blue smoke comming up from my engine, like you sometimes its their some times it aint and its all fixed now i put that hose clip on. My stank so rank, had to open the windows some times. Plus cos your driving fast more oil is gettin splattered out and escaping onto your exhaust.

If you don't want to get an oily finger then do this

Drive it around fast, then stop open the bonnet, pull out the dipstick and tap it around on the manifold so some oil falls on to the manifold and see if its the same burning smell you get, if your too pu55y to stick your finger on the rubber pipe and see if its oily.


i noticed on all f7 engines that pipe goes very close to the pulley a matter of mm in fact there is a clip to hold it back but does'nt work too well, at one point on mine the pipe was constantly rubbing on the pulley wearing the belt down:eek: