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buying 1.4 rt

  Mk4 golf gti

I want a 1.4 rt 4 bout £900 or less but it gota av alloys (preferably 16s or bigga) tidy body and tidy engine is it possible

no ones gonna give it to ya at that price, its gonna be a right sh*tter if you do find one!

my alloys slone almost cost that!!

Look about the 2k mark for something like that. Mine was 2.5k perfect condition and only 40k on the clock. That was a few years ago mind. But still going strong and not really had a problem with it (that wasnt caused by me) the only thing about them thats a bit crap are the breaks. But other than that, a nice car.

  Mk4 golf gti

oh ritey but I aint got dat sorta money, Im only 17 looking 4 my first car but I aint gona get sum sh*t nova ne ideas ov how 2 ova cum getin alloys cheap if I buy a car wiv steelies
  Skoda Fabia vRS

get some old clio 16v wheels, i did

bought a rancid set for £25, had em refurbed and there now mint i love em
  Clio 172

if u dont mind what colour it is then it prob is possible coz mine is mint condishion 58k miles FSH log book colour coded etc... for £1000 but its a dodgy blue colour lol but i dont mind still looks good :D the fella had been tryin 2 sell it 4 ages (prob coz of colour) but girls seem 2 like the colour an thats the inportant thing ;)
  Mk4 golf gti

yea i c 1 4 £895 da other day jus needed nu clutch it had bin lowered, k/n, 16s, respray, 4inch exhaust, seat splitter perfect 4 me. But cnt buy nefin til febish wen i get my money 4 it

Nicky, do you anything about cars?

I was offered so many cars, that are cheap (for what they are) and gorgeous! Lowered. K&N, tinted windows, exhausts, alloys, all the sh*t. Look f**kin fantastic.

But Ive never even considered one. As with my Pug, bought as standard off an old lady, and did it myself.

If you buy a car that has already been modded, you know that he engine has been ragged to f**k. Mileage goes out of the window when this occurs, as the engine gets worn so much if your redlinin it everytime and engine braking.

Buy a car as standard, and add the rest when you can afford it! Otherwise youll get a nice car that wont perform as it should and die sooner than it should!
  Mk4 golf gti

yea i no dat but in da same sense I reckon most modifyers look afta there cars beta. Im only going 2 drive da car da same way and Im prob not gona keep it long enuff 2 fin it as Ill want either a newer clio or a faster 1. ures is a gd point tho if I had the money and loadsa time 2 id def buy standard and start from ther afta all da feelin ov doin it uself iz an achievment and u can make individual 2 uself as well as avin a much tidyier car
  Mk4 golf gti

ha ha ha peeps it just txt lingo Im so addicted 2 txtin on my fone I rite evry thing like it my last bill woz bloody £80 nearly all on txts!!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

AKA Ali G. Do you talk like that too? ;)

Why dont you get an O2 300 free txt sim card for £4.99. £10 minimum top up a month. Not bad for 300 txts. Then you can afford a better motor!

As for the RT. Id certainly wait a bit and spend a bit extra. I sold my 1.4 RT a few months back for £1300. Was looked after and ran lurvley. Had alloys, lowered, full 16v interior, exhaust etc!

Anything less than a grand is gonna cost you in the long run! Might be cheap to purchase but probably need a new clutch, cam belt, gearbox, body work maybe in the near future?