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Buying a Clio Cup

Hi guys could you please tell me where you bought your Cups and how much did you pay for them?

Im thinking of a Euro import is this a good or bad idea as I have never bought a Euro import before?

I need that Clio!!!!


Didnt know the Cup was available as an import as its a UK model?? Someone who owns one could probably tell you more.

I got a normal 172 as an Import and got it for slightly more than the list price of a Cup. Imports are fine with 172s as they are all one spec (unlike VWs where you have to be careful). You can also get the full 3 year warranty on them. With the 172, the only difference is no cat 1 alarm because thats a dealer fit.

hi scott

I had considered the import route when buying my cup but at the time could not find anyone selling them. In the end I paid 12000 from a renault main dealer in bury st edmunds suffolk. Not sure on the waiting time though, i ordered mine the day i test drove it back in July and didnt get it until mid October.

not ot boast here but just before chrsitams there was a christmas offer scheme for renault emplyes which worked out 26% of cups, if i had the money i would of got one worked out at £9500 for a brand new cup form main dealer no import or anything!

god i wish i was old enough for a loan!!!

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last few days looking for one. It seems that the dealers can do £12,250 easily (I have found two in stock with different dealers) and will deal at £12k. I have started to look at EU import but then got quickly distracted by a 172 top spec at £11,700 in stock unreg which seems to blow the cup out of the water. Ill do some digging in EU for a cup but unless you really do want the lower spec I think the imort is the way forward !

If you find a cup for <£12k please tell !

  ff 182

Hi mate im looking at getting 1 theres 1 in Gravells for 12,250 but surely u could try and knock them down.

Yeah, Gravells have one but that is a pre reg. Still not a bad price. Evans & Isaac (Bridgend) have one in the showroom new, unregistered. Am sure they will deal at £12k.

Is the Cup a Ltd Ed ? Is there only a certain number being made ??
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

where are u based ?

Might be able to help u out there !! I work for Renault Uk !!

Give me a shout !!

From Renault UK press release....

"The clio Cup 172 will be part of the clio range for one year from release"

So there - itll be a whole lot more limited than a standard 172 - ye ha!!!!

BTW that means you have until July 2003 to get one but if and thats a big if they do another 500 in the UK Im pretty sure ull nedd to have ur order in by March! A little birdie told me though that they havent even sold the first batch..........132 left I think?

Its very special though - nice to buy the last of something isnt it!

If anyone eants my 16 inch speedline turinis from the cup look in the for sale section - £695 ono with new tyres (3000 miles used)

When does the new shape clio come out?

I dont want to buy a car then a few month later a new model comes out.

Will it just be exterior upgrades that you can buy and fit yourself or a totaly new car?

Jam Jar = £11,725

A couple of months wait, which ended up being 2 weeks after Renault got their first one!



as with some other cup owners, i tried to get one import but at that time there were non available, apparently it was to be released in the uk first... but i think that has changed now. mine took about two months to come (4 weeks late - they all were though in that batch) but was through autobytel. the price was 11970 otr, i dont know if its still available. a couple of weeks after i noticed a best price in top gear magazine of under 11k but followed it up and it was bullsh*t.. there are rumours that theyll be available from car supermarkets for <10k but your best bet is to phone round a few (trade sales or that one in derby/burnley, the car supermarket it was called).

good luck fella


gordon lamb (ren) in chesterfield are selling them for £11,995

and also are offering some really cool finance deals too

give em a call


Got mine through a friends and family deal offered by a mate of mine who works for Renault...I was initially after a 1.4 for the other half but the deal on the cup blew me away...£9150 on the road!! Seemed crazy not to take one

I was told that quite a few were pre-registered by Renault in November and december to bump up annual sales figures and that they now need to sell them asap.....which should mean good prices via the dealerships if you nail them down hard.

good luck

I havent found any discounts either, maybe as the cup was released here first. I am considering getting one at the end of the year if i can justify the insurance costs, HIC are the only people who will consider insuring almost 5k :cry: . I might have to keep it just for track and run the familys fiat uno 1.0!

Remember the cup is a bargain anyway!!

Has anyone got a cup and is actually going to do group N rallying , i.e the actual purpose?!