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Buzz Lightyear

Ive noticed a funny metal vibration noise coming from the passenger side after uve accelerated then lifted of the power - like a buzzing noise - hope my cups alright only after 1000miles!!!! Anyone have any thoughts on waht it is ?? It only happens when u lift ur foot of the accelerator at high speeds in 2nd/3rd and let the car slow naturally? Nothing serious I hope ........
  Clio Gtt

maybe your zorst is vibrating on one of the hangers.

i had that.

i just put a bit of silicone hose over the metal braket.

It sounds more like part of the exhaust system either in under the bonnet or the front part of the exhaust near the downpipe?

its the heat shield under the manifold, its common, its easily fixed, reno have a special tool for it called brute force bending and hammering..

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have this and mine isnt even a cup its the fat version of the 172. Also Geoffs is doing this but he is getting Renault to have a look at it...
  320d M Sport

Deffo the exhaust i think, mine did it till i went to Renault and moaned till I had it replaced, customer service, dont you just love it?!