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C172 6000 mile service-is his correct

Ive just booked my Clio in for its (free) 6k service at my local dealer.

Thet told me that the 6000 mile service is no longer required, and if I dont have it done, this will not affect my warranty. They reckon that the first service should be @12k, and at 12k intervals thereafter.

This is not what it says in my service manual. Anyone else had this?

Im getting an oil & filter change @ 6k anyway, so have asked them to do the 6k service as well. There will be a charge however.

Is this correct, or am I being shafted?

In my service book everytime theres a mention of the 6000 mile service, there is a note at the bottom of the page saying it applys to all cars except the 2.0 16v (and a couple of others). However, there have been posts on here saying Renault have recently scrapped the 6000 mile check anyway.
Hope that clears it up. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

A few dealers still seem to do the 6000 mile check. Its just a check mind you they dont change the oil or anything. I had my oil & filter changed at 6000 - the oil wasnt too dirty but what with trackdays etc I reckon its a good investment. 12k & 12k thereafter is correct for the 172.

I had the oil/filter changed on my new 172 after 1500 miles, just after a track day, and as a precaution (after running in). Good job too, as the car was delivered from new with only 2/3rd oil in it! Ill be changing the oil every 6k, just for the peace of mind...but strictly speaking the first real service interval is supposed to be 12k! (18k if you have a cooking Clio!)