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C172s are apparently attractive!

  VW Potato

im must admit, Ive been surprised and impressed by the amount of positive comments/interest my clio gets about its looks (its totally standard). heres some recent ones:
- a few months ago, in traffic in earls court, i could see from the corner of my eye three girls in an audi waving and pointing, and when i turned to them to see what was going on, they smiled and gave a thumbs up. (my car was very clean that day!)

- at a clients car park, the car park attendant said: nice motor mate, it looks very compact, its like a williams, isnt it? (er, not quite...)

- local petrol station, a lad in a fiesta came over and said, i like your 172 - looks well nice!

- then today, as I was getting into it, two girls walking by said: hello, how are you - we like your car, its very pretty

cheers to the puppy! seems we have a nice looking little motor!


I saw a black 172 Mk2 the other day parked near to my house. Ive never really been struck by their beauty before, but in the black (the best colour, of course) it looked fab. So I know what you mean! My 16v in black, with the leather, has the same effect!
  VW Potato

cheers Rob, yeah the red is an unusual shade - when the sun shines on it, it looks like it is spicy or could scorch you if you touched it, if that makes any sense? But nice to know there are none Clio owners out there that like Clios! :D