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caliper seals failed

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I have had my car in the garage over winter and have not driven it for some time.

I went in the garage after the cold spell and there is brake fluid all over the garage floor. It appears the seals has failed on the onbe of the rear brake caliper and dumped it all over the floor.

I can't understand how this has happened as i havent used the car for some time..... Ideas? What temp does brake fluid freeze at? surely - 13 deg C ok?
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i have found a company on the internet to repair the rear calipers as a pair. £139 to overhaul and powder coat and renew all seals pistons etc.

I started removing the caliper last night. How does the handbrake cable come out of the caliper. Does it need uncoupling underneath the car beneath the handbrake to give you some slack?
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Hey Mark,

First of, 139,- is a steal! I have done this job yesterday, and just all new OEM Renault parts costed me 110 pounds.

You can remove the handbrake cable by twisting the L-shaped 'bracket' with a wrench that holds the cable. It shouldn't be too hard to move and give you free play to remove the cable. Dont put the wrench on the cable.

Good luck!

(oh, and watch out with the brake line, it's very fragile so make sure when re-connecting you go in straight.)
i have had loads of seals off biggred before now. refurbed a few calipers using their seal kits and i cant fault them.

even when i had a set of megane calipers and they sent me the wrong size seals twice they paid for me to send them a cliper to get the correct ones and sent it back to me. a seal kit only costs about £26 for the rear calipers anyway if your handy with some spanners?
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this happen to me.. so i just got a caliper from a guy who was breaking ther 172 for £25 then change it job dob done..