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Calling all Cup owners

  Nissan R35 GT-R

Every picture of the car I have seen has a black front splitter, but mine doesnt. Anyone else got one?

Its a UK car if that makes any difference.

Cheers - Laurence.

It should have been put on before your car left the garage. The Cups I have seen in the showrooms have either had them attached or in a plastic bag on the back seat!

Teady is right, they come into the country with it not attached (because it makes it too low to transport easily) and the dealer should have fitted it before delivery. and that is absolutely definite if it is a UK car, which I think all that have been delivered so far are

I went down to see the demo model in Belfast and the front spoiler thingy was lying wrapped up in the back seat????

Picked mine up this morning....FINALLY!

What a mental car! answer to your question is does have a black front splitter. Also got a bunch of flowers.

Which was nice.....
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Sangy: If you enjoy the car as much as I do then youll still be smiling this time next week. ;)

Thanks everyone - Ill get on to my dealer today.

..pick mine up tomorrow, have to make sure it comes with that split arse front thingy....

i think we should have a seperate forum for cup owners, the real 172! for true drivers....