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calliper changeover date on 1.2 16v

  Fabia VRS Special Ed
I've got a 51 MK2 PH2 1.2 16v and bought some callipers from a 54 1.2 16v, I've just looked at them and from memory they look miles different...

Was there a date where they changed?

  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Haven't taken the wheel off yet but the carriers definately look different, also the new callipers have 2 metal plates on each carrier which my original callipers don't.

As long as the spacing is the same they should fit surely...Can anyone shed any light on this please?
  Clio Mk2 Ph3
Clio without ABS,front discs 238mm solid!!
Clio with ABS,front discs 259mm ventilated!!!!
So,the calipers change!!
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
It's my mate Fred, ROB91 who's doing the 172 conversion to his 1.2.

I went round to his house and got them :S
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Pics of what my ones currently on the car look like:

Here's pics I took before after I've finished assembling the new calipers...






Rob mentioned this before Liam... His was 100% ABS with 259mm vented disks, 1.2 16v... Wierd how they dont seem to fit, have you tried to put them on yet over the disk with pads in and bolted to the hub before swapping the hoses over?
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
Not yet Jord, I'll try them tomorrow night. Fingers crossed that they do fit!

Cheers Fred btw :)
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
just to clarify for others, they are exactly the same fit.

The carriers were redesigned after a certain date according to Renault but they are exactly the same fitting :)

thanks for the help guys!