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Cam Belt Change.....

  Clio 197 ('08 R'Blue)
Got my 172, mileage coming upto 70k so I'm changing the cam belt. Is it worth paying a little extra and replacing/uprating the head gasket??? I've heard this can be a good time to do it, any advice??



ClioSport Club Member

i hope it's your second belt. lol

most ppl change em at 50-55k...eek

as for the hg, no point at all mate, it's another 2 hours labour.
  Clio 197 ('08 R'Blue)
It really take another two hours to do the head gasket? I thought with the cam belt getting done it'd be convienient to swop it for new? A water pump too - how much would that set me back and are they common to fail??

  Clio 197 ('08 R'Blue)
Someone further up posted saying it took 2 hours?! So not worth doing?? How much would a water pump set me back? any ideas? I'm up north in Hull.
  Lionel Richie
water pump i would guess at anywhere between £50-£70

try more like 4+ hours for the head gasket alone (taking into account the belt being off)