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cambelt charges 1.2 clio

I've been asked to do a cambelt and water pump for a sisters friends car, I believe its a 1.2 16valve clio. Happy to do it, just unsure of what price i should give her. Don't want to rip her off, and i'll obviously charge less than a garage would.

Help appreciated

Thats cool man :), thanks for you're help i'll inspect the car later and then get a price for parts and quote her :) thanks
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have a look on eruo car parts, i bought mine for my 1.2 with a 30% discount for £25 and camblet kit for £12. I would charge about 40-60 for change, as its a easy job seen as a small engine. took me about a hour to do.
Know someone that works at All vehicle parts, basically the same deal. usually get a bit of a discount to :) probably going to say to her its worth having a full service at the same time like. as i'm there anyways :)
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Did one last weekend charged £75 labour to do the cambelt and fit a new water pump. Its a very simple job.