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Can I connect an ipod with radio in 1996 Clio Sport?

  Renault Clio campus
I have just bought a 1996 Clio Sport from the friend of a friend. Unfortunately the previous owner cannot find the handbook, and is unwell so i don't want to pester him with questions.
The battery had died and been replaced so the radio did not work. So I removed the radio to get the serial number to find the code. As I had read that I could add an ipod jack to this radio I bought an adapter and cable, as well as the pins needed to take out the radio.
Renault Update List Radio AUX lead 3.5mm jack IN Cable iPod iPhone
I fitted the adapter as instructed but when I switch on the radio I cannot find any Aux setting. Does this mean that the radio does not have an Aux setting, or am I not pressing the right buttons? I have looked online and tried most things. Should i just forget trying to connect an ipod jack or is there a way around this?
thanks in advance.