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no speedometer light, dash lights, temperature control lights, radio lights.

  Renault Clio II
hey guys, so as the title says i've got none of the following lights working in my Clio II 1.2 from 2004 (left hand drive), when i got the car the lights for the temp control didnt work, so i changed them.

a couple days later i run the wires for the sub, all connected just needed a headunit, i drove without one, then i realised i needed some adapters for my radio, so i just plugged the old one in to have something to listen to meanwhile. after connecting the radio i realised there was no light in the radio, the speedo, the climate control. I searched around for the problem and saw more people had the same issue, i also saw multiple say they didnt have any rear taillights, so i checked, and sure enough they we're not there.

i checked the fuses for what i believe is the light for the temp cont. and the radio, they were fine. some people said that a relay was loose, after people had sat in the passenger seat, and i actually did yesterday.

the relays were supposed to be in the passenger side (not sure if thats the left hand or right hand version) but either way i couldnt see them on neither left or right, could someone tell me where i should find those relays? or what might've else been the problem?

thanks in regards
  Renault Clio II
nvm, found out there was a fuse blown, changed it and it blew again, found out there was a loose ground wire, and a wire not isolated properly, did those and got a new fuse, and all is working fine again.