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can i expect any kind of bhp gain?

just had a Ktec racing de-cat fitted, with a blue flame system...can i expect any ind of bhp gain, even 1 or 2? or will it just make the car a tad bit quicker off the mark etc?

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Depends what car you drive? You have Scooby/Type R in your name, but posting on a Clio Sport forum, so which is it?

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You can get a Type R Scooby. So I guess he has a Clio and used to own the Type R Scooby.
Waste of money

Wrong. i had to have a blue flame cat back system as my system was fucked when i ran over a breeze block on the frigging motorway (didn't see it) and it wrecked my system, so why replace with a standard renault crap when for the sma,e money i could have a blue flame system.