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can i fit 17s with a 35mil drop without puttin coilovers on

  Clio 1.8 16v

i was just thinkin of putting 17s on and i am also goin to lower the car 35mil but i need to know if i have to get coil overs so i know what to buy!!also will it rub?

Dont need coilovers but if you do then a 60mm drop is what you really want, shouldnt run with a 35mm drop on 17s but it does depend on the car the wheel and the tyre type.

Ive dropped my car 60mm at the front, and 70mm at the back with 7x17" wheels wrapped in 205/40/17 F1s and it doesnt catch.
  Lionel Richie

Wkdlad??? have you got a valver??? Dont know what drop you can go for on these, but ANY clio 1998 onwards 60mm + 17s no problem (im going even lower though, too high for me!!!)