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Can I view my Hotmail through Microsoft Outlook?

  RB 182, 1275GT
Good Morning People,

Is it possible to view my Hotmail account through MS Outlook? I used to have it with MS Outlook Express where it used to sync each time with the server and download all my items.
Is this possible with Outlook? If so, how does it work? And are there any guides on how to set it up?

Thanks in advance

  Octavia vRS
Alright mate, you will need to upgrade your hotmail service I think it cost about £14.99 for the year.

If you dont want that then go and get a account free and it will work with outlook.


  911 GTS Cab
they used to offer this for the free hotmail account but then about 6 months ago stopped that and only offered it to people who had upgraded to the premium account
  RB 182, 1275GT
Just tried it with MS Outlook Express and it doesn't work, looks like I will have to upgrade to a premium account afterall :(


  911 GTS Cab
i'd leave it as web mail, no viruses then, add outlook into the equation and you are just asking to have a virus as most viruses are aimed at outlook difficiencies!
Ive never had any problems with outlook in the years that ive been using it. Altho i got nod32, which has a built in plugin for outlook so its all good :)

and you can get plugins now, which show you all the emails you have recieved, and you just select the ones you want to download, but i cant really be arsed.