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can the idle issues be fixed under warraty for the 172

Hi All,

i keep seeing the these idle issues for the 172 popping up everywhere, well it sounds like a common thing .... can it be fixed under the warranty or do have to pay ...if so how much ££££


No having worked for renault a while i now i can assure u that it can be fixed under the warranty and if anyone tells u different give them hell!

just so i can clarify .......

i asked can it be fixed under warranty and you start your answer with no then go on to say "it can be fixed under warranty"

i think u mwant to start it with now but just to make sure ...which is it ??

thanks again


you never know with renault staff, u might of been trying to scam me

no, thanks once again ....

just getting rid of some paranoid thoughts before i buy a 172 !!


think u should be more worried bout once youve got it and u take it in for its service whether u get it back in one peice cos renault garages are renound for there sh*t care when comes to customers cars - i know this cos im the ones that get the complaints !
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Mine is in at the moment getting the idle issue sorted.

According to Renault(my dealer) its not a problem and is only occuring because the car is run very lean to keep emissions down. To fix it they can increase the idle rpm form 750 to 780 and this cures the problem.