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can u believe this :(

2 weeks after gettting my pride and joy, my mum goes and reverses out of the drive into it! Theres now a ver sexy dent in the drivers door! Its always worse when its in the family - shes got the cheek too try and say it woz my fault becuase i parked in her way. Never mind the fact she didnt look behind her!

How do repairs like this work? Is it easy to push out a dent on a door or should i get it to a bodyshop?


Sue her.


Sue her


errr Sue her lol :D

Say u were in the car and got whiplash also rofl ;)

ok ok... coz shes ur mum, phone the police, and when they arrest her, u get to own another part of the house!! :D

Na.. just take it to the bodyshop, no point trying to bang it out. wouldnt cost more then £100 to get it done id think.


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Cant you get it fixed by Dent Devils or Dent Master type people, it would be much cheaper than a bodyshop.
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to teach her a lesson have her kidnapped and given a good kicking ( if you need help i know some people in the mob...nice family types know what i mean)......or spray the car bright yellow shell see it next time...........................................................tough luck:mad: