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Can you change dash lights

  Polo + Micra

behind the speedo etc = easy

behind the clock = not so easy but strait forward

behind the rest = not a clue but i bet is aint easy
  172 cup'd extreme

behind the clocks are surface mounted LEDs so you need to be good at soldering

the rest are bulbs and are easy to get replacements.
  Polo + Micra

yeah but they use filters to turn white to orange

so blue+orange = greeny brown colour
  Polo + Micra

first you need to take to top of the dash off (about 14 screws iirc)

then the dials just pop out

2-3 hours labour?

Cant think itll take much longer than that. Only took me about 20 - 30 mins to unscrew + find all the screws to get the top of the dash off.

Garages charge around 15 - 20 quid an hour around here, the ones I know of do anyway
  Polo + Micra

nightfire did you change yours???

i cant think of a garage that would be capable of doing it

No, didnt change mine. Took mine off to hide wires of led tubes around the front of the car. Was gonna change the leds in the dash, but dont have the software to do what I wanted to do

the hardest ones to change are the heater ive done my clocks,window switches, lock button and heated rear window .did the heater controls but not to happy with them
  Polo + Micra

yeah gibby883 have you got any pics??? and how do you do the the rest of the dash and switches?

ill try to post pics but the dont seem to come out very well on my camera but belive me they look ace .the job is easy take the switches apart and youll fin some 3mm leds just above the switches simply replace with blue ones i didnt have any 3mm so did them with 5mm the heater controls have a orange piece of plastic to diffuse the light and through the control knobs ive just got some blue of each so ill try and get them done soon work permitting
  One with a few more

just referring to this post again.

Has anyone changed other lights in the car? Just need a step by step or something on how to do other interior switches/etc and where to get the correct light for them

Also, with the needles in the dash displays - if the leds are changed will this make the needles the same colours?

na mines a mk1 phase 2 clio so not sure what leds i will need i will investigate

cheers clairesclio by the way where u from

sorry about the random question there reason im askin is that one of my friends is called claire and drives a clio(prob hundreds more) and i thought u might be her