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Can you spot Braided lines by looking through the wheels?


ClioSport Club Member
So I got all my lines fitted last week. I can clearly see the lines on the front from looking through the wheels.

But I cannot see the ones on the back. I am however assuming that 2 of the 4 in the pack were actually for the rears?

If so, is there some kind of rubber cover which slides over them? It just looks like they are standard to me.

Will have to get the wheels off this weekend for a proper look but thought I'd check on here anyway.



ClioSport Club Member
There is no rubber cover that slides over them.

Both lines are situated on the passenger side in front of the rear beam, like so:


You might be able to see them through the wheel if you look hard enough, but you will definitely be able to see if you look under the car and up!



ClioSport Club Member
Ohh ok I see, thanks.

I was looking around the brake discs and pads. Not up there.

Assumed they would be in the same position as they are on the front, my bad haha.

I will look tonight.

Cheers dude