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Can you wax your car too much

Kind of the wrong question really, as i will get to my point in a moment.

I have started using TurtleWax Emerald Series Advanced Liquid Wax (also bought the paste version too). As it is a wax and not a polish, would there be any detrimental effect to using it every weekend for example.

This leads to my main point. In the coming monthd, as winter approaches, it it possible to apply more that one "layer" of wax? For example if i wash my car, and then put the wax on the car and the buff it off, would I be wasting my time then re-waxing the car and buffing again, as to achieve 2 layers of wax, or more if i could be bothered?

Hope ive explained myself properly.



thanks GR.

No what. No you cant wax it too much, or No you cant build up the layers of wax for extra protection?



I usually polish mine twice - cant do any harm. Plus it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you do a good job and you can see your face in it!!


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Your question was "Can you wax your car too much?". So I replied "No" as I have always been a compulsive car polisher, and my cars have always been very smooth to touch and look so much better than neglected cars.

Just walk round a big car park and you will be able to spot the well polished cars. There are a couple of K reg black BMWs, an old red MR2, an immaculate H reg Cavalier and even a couple of old Clios near me, which look so much newer and in better condition than some newish cars which never get polished.

You can tell if you are polishing your car too soon after the last time you did it, because the polish wont go on properly. I have tried it after buying a different polish and wanting to try it out too soon after having just done it.

If you want a nice finish, try Zymol. Even Halfords have some in liquid form for £11.99. I always prefer the finish of a firmer wax polish, but Zymol wax is very expensive and not as readily available.
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if your gonna put another layer on, wash the car again first, just a spray with the hose should do and then a wipe with a chamois
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polish is not wax and wax is not polish. They are different, and really are used for different purposes. "polishing waxes" are what is usually available in stores these do a decent job of 2 in one like a shampoo/conditioner in one. Meguiars is good and these do a pure polish and a pure wax. Polish removes paint/laquer, wax adds a layer of protection. It would do your car harm if you used pure polish as eventually you would remove all the paint. Read EVENTUALLY. Pure wax like meguiars gold class liquid wax doesnt remove anything unlike polish. POlishes are best for removing light swirls/marks.
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Your best bet is to "wax" it once and then use a top coat sealer, this is solvent based and seals any wax onto the surface for a long lasting shine.

I use Turtle Wax Extra Gloss Guard and its bloody amazing!!! Goes on dead easy too.