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Cant get reverse

Polished the engine mount and plemium chamber. I put the car back together and for some reason im having problems getting into reverse. Was fine before i started the job.

Every other gear is spot on but reverse is a stand on the clutch and ram the gear in job.

One thing i did notice when checking the upper engine mount was when i lowered the engine down supporting it by the jack i can get into gear fine. Ive taken the engine mount off 3 times and made sure its sitting properly and the bolts are tight but i still cant get reverse with out severe force.

Anyone any ideas what it could be ive disturbed??
Not that i know of plus every other gear is fine and i made sure the jack was properly in position.

Im sure its something to do with the engine mount as like i say if i lower the engine using the jack while the mount is removed it goes into gear perfect.

could i have disturbed the lower mount some how?
  CS Dungeon
I had this when fitting my williams engine, is the selector rod catching on your exhaust or Cat?
possibly - you got it on the right way ?

Yeah cos there's only one way it can go on. Checked it 3 times.

Im wondering if its to do with the lift up collar cable?

No its not catching on the zorst on cat etc.
Is there meant to be a gap between the engine mount and the rocker cover as per photos does anyone know??