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Car insurance DIMOND (Avoid) RIP OFF

  Clio 172 Monaco
Ok so if any of your wife's or misses want to go to Dimond I would avoid big time!!
Here why!

Somebody decided to kiss my rear bumper so I rang my insurance to put a claim in on his insurance and he admited it was his fault!

So while I rang them I sat there and was told my insurance details as they do your date birth ect! And then my policy so here where it starts!! They told my I had 3 points a TS10? I said No?! And they said it was driveing past a red light and not stopping! I replyed no I have not done that my licence is clean.

They seem confused and I then sat there thinking I've never had a letter from the police or dvla or nothing! So I then though I bet I been paying a lot on the premium as I pay monthly! So I found out I been paying £800 more and they took the money with out telling me they never contacted me never phoned never wrote never emailed nothing!!!

So by this point I'm obv getting rather pissed off! So then I said well how did this 3 points come across?! Madam we use the Internet to try and keep all of our information up to date so we found a site that said you have a TS10?! My reply was WTF!

So you find random information about people and just decide its right?!!! I then had to do a interview phone call with DVLA to prove my licence is clean! After speaking to about 3 different people! And spending 2 half hrs already on this! Then I ring them the next day chase my claim for the guy who hit me they then went and told me my policy details again! And still this TS10 is still there!

Fuming by now I demanded I spoke to a manager! And they just didn't want me to speak to 1 and they kept fobin me off to other people then I had to do the interview again! With dvla then they removed it but then after the time I've spend the 7 people I have spoken too I demanded compo as my time worth money and all that ;-) so spoke to a manager and he said he would give me £50 compo and it would be in the post in next working 2 days! 1 week on no sign?!

So I ring dimond so called girls best friend!! Hahahaha they have no record of my convo with this man I have his name and time I rang and date! So then I'm really really pissed off to the point of screaming!

So after talking to another 3 people I got put through a manager and she said she would give me £50 compo but story ends dimond are rubbish they break all trading standards I am going seek legal advice! As my details are clearly not safe from the Internet like dimond explained to me and they don't record any important information :-/ and ooh best bit there computers are cleaver to get info off the Internet but they can't read what another computer has recorded in a telephone call! How pathetic!!

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  Clio 1.2tce DSX
Blimey, that makes a shocking read!!! it's incredible to think that any insurance company, let along a large one such as diamond would do that!
That doesn't make any sense.

They just added a TS10? You didn't notice that their price was massively different to anyone else? You didn't notice this on your policy documents?

You also say 'So' a lot.


ClioSport Club Member
  Polo BlueGT
I'm glad I read that, shows that "dimond" is not a girls best friend.
  Clio 172 Monaco
Sorry guys it is a big read I did write it while on phone to Dimond LOL no because they didn't add the TS10 on until after I took my insurance out I'm about 3 months in and they did it last month?! Yes I demanded my extra money back and they said they would take it off the money I owe them and I said no that's not good enuf and kicked off until they put it back in my account :)
So you had your money back and your only pissed because they put it on in the first place and they haven't sent you compo yet?

How exactly did they know it was you online saying you have a TS10?
  Clio 172 Monaco
That is my point how do they know it was me why would I say I have 3 points when I don't :-/ and I'm pissed off because all the time and effort I have had to spend on something that is there mess up not mine

They offer me £50 compo and then never send it and have no record of them saying they would! Even though I have the name of the guy the date and time ect :-/
Speak to a manager and get him to go over the phone calls. They always record them so their lieing if they say they can't find them.

And I'd also find out and as for proof in writing as to where they got the information of the TS10 from
  Clio 172 Monaco
I have! :-D I have asked for the proof! And also the manager to listen to the phone calls the way I have been treated is really out of order everything you ask of them they have I phone you back 2-3 hrs later for a simple question :-/ I'm not impressed at all with them I'm going to the onwardsman too :-/ a big company like then are just a JOKE!
Just speak to a manager every time you phone. I'm with admiral and the managers are spot on tbh. Always ring you back and within the time they tell you too.

If you always deal with the managers you don't get the useless phone monkeys who just read off a script speaking to you as if they are always right
  Clio 172 Monaco
The manager I spoke to didn't even record the £50 compo and that was a manager :-/ they tried fobin me off saying different departments can't see what claims department have put ect even though they work for the same company?
I mean the telephone recordings. I had a quote once for £700 odd to insure and when I rang back a week later they had changed it to £800 odd. Told the manager she said shed ring me back after Listening to the recording. Rang me back about 2 hours later saying I was right I can have the insurance for £700 odd.

So all phone calls are recorded
  Clio 172 Monaco
Well they told me they had nothing to prove I had been offerd compo but I reckon they were makeing it up as when I said would seen legal advice ect and go to there head office ect I got put on to a different manager and was told yeah that's fine you can have the money I will do that now for you like they realised they made another mess up :-( the company is rubbish to get a decent answer from them is pathetic I will still be going to head office and legal advice :-(
  330Ci (Fail)Sport

They'll have call recording provided you rang them, it'll be automatic on that number. They'll have recordings if they call you providing they called through their telephone software and didn't just pick up the phone (most likely).

A threaten of trading standards, ombudsman and going to the Sunday press or whoever is usually enough to scare them into sorting it out.

If all of your money is correctly returned and you've been reimbursed for any charges etc then I doubt you'll get anything more out of them.
  Clio 172 Monaco
Well still waiting on my refund from the money the taken out of my account and the compo money :-(
Don't even bother accepting £50 compo if you've paid £800, get the full £800.

What I don't get is how you didn't notice £800 extra out of what was not even a finished year gone out of your account?

Are you really that much of a high roller you didn't notice an extra £70 on top each month?
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
You'll have to give them a reasonable amount of time to refund you. Give it a week I'd say.

They should never have taken money without informing you though. That could be worth a complaint to the ombudsman. Probably won't get you anything extra but worth it to possibly give them a bollocking, I can't remember the rules on this.
  Clio 172 Monaco
I pay monthly so didn't pay the £800 extra just ended up paying £70 extra a month and tbh I dont look at my bank account I know what my income is and my outgoings so would have no need to look other than when I'm payed ;-) so I would of noticed then and the £50 compo for my time and effort and hassle not the extra I payed on top that's on refund already :-/ so they say we will see 3rd time lucky! :-(
  LY Megane R26
I have had a similar problem with admiral (they're the same company as diamond, as is elephant and bell)

They promised a manager would call me back on a certain day at a certain time after I'd refused to pay an extra charge on my account when they decided to up the amount on the call (I had a letter stating I had to pay £150 less)
i waited 2 weeks for that call, looking on my card and they'd taken £500 more than I should have had taken, then meaning I get a charge from my credit card company for going over my allowance. No wonder they didn't call me.

All I wanted to do was change my card details 3 days before the payment came out, which was what I thought to be the amount on the letter £166 not £300 what they tried to charge me on the phone and I refused, and as said then took out £630 after they told me the account had an emergency stop on their till I spoke to a manage.

When I called and asked why id been charged £500 more than I should have and had an unauthorised payment taken when any payments were put on stop until we had resolved the first issue and I spoke to a manager. They told me I had put my old car bak on the policy which is why they charged me more even though it was 300 mile away and I told them 3 months before this phone call I no longer owned the car. Then she tried to say that id been told the wrong price when I took the policy out. By this point they'd given me some back but still was £200 short, so she said that cause is been charged wrong in the first place Im
not in title to the £200 back. So I had to argue that then and one of the points mentioned was that why should I pay for their **** ups, I said surely the screen the girl was looking at when I took the policy out is the same as yours (mangers) so why are you trying to say I need to pay an extra £200 for a policy she quoted me just shy of £800 for plus an extra charge (because I have multi car and there was a bit of swapping round) which is what I was happy with and had in writing from them.

Any way 3 weeks later and after lots of phone calls I finally got to the bottom of it, but it was such a stressful 3 weeks. Everyone I spoke to told me something different everytime I rang, even the manager was a nightmare tried everything to get out of paying me back the money they owed me, offer me a £10 compensation lol all sorts. Luckily I had names, days and times of calls and he must have finally checked them and the final phone call (which was the one I was about to say I can always get trading standards involved) before I could say anything she said we've reviews your account again and can give you this much back which means you still have this much out standing to pay (which was less than what I had on my letter) so I paid it and left it there. Worked out my final bill for the policy was £930. Which I dont think is too bad for a 22yr old with an accident and 4 years ncb.

But i see your point and know how s**t they are.
I certainly won't be using them again.

Hope that makes some sense ( not easy writing on iPhone lol)